Diamond Grid is an interlocking grid that reduces erosion, potholes, corrugation and eliminates all muddy surfaces on your property.

Diamond Grid is the leading surface stabilisation grid in Australasia, proven to work throughout some of the leading mines in Australia, Indonesia, Papua New Guinea, Canada and Latin America. This innovative, Australian-owned product is manufactured from 100% recycled polypropylene.

It is UV-stabilised, easily relocated and easy to install. Diamond Grid creates a surface that is solid, dry and secure, even with constant use and in heavy rainfall. The grids are extremely durable, with a filled load-bearing capacity of over 1,000 tonnes/m2. They will not wear through even with constant use. Diamond Grid has a wide variety of applications across farming, landscaping, mining and civil engineering industries.

With Diamond Grid you can:

  • Prevent natural earth surfaces from developing into muddy unusable areas in wet weather.
  • Reinforce surface erosion, potholes and corrugation.
  • Reinforce turfed areas, providing root protection.
  • Enable gravel retention and stabilise embankments.
  • Provide drainage when filled with gravel.

Find out how Diamond Grid can toughen your terrain.