Australia’s Premier Grid Flooring Systems

From shed floors to busy mine sites, Diamond Grid’s flooring systems are the most effective way to eliminate mud, prevent erosion and improve traction.

Made from 100% recycled polypropylene, they are UV stabilised and designed to withstand heavy machinery – in fact, their load bearing capacity is set at more 1,000 tonnes per m2 (heavy duty product) when filled with gravel. Incredibly durable, these grid systems won’t break or wear through, no matter the traffic volume.

Our grid systems are suited to a wide range of applications

A versatile product, our geogrid pavers are suited to a wide range of applications. From mining grid systems that ensure mine site access, to driveway grids that prevent pot holes and erosion, there is no better way ensure a smooth, even surface all year round.

Our geogrid pavers are suited to:

  • Driveways
  • Mining sites
  • Horse stables, yards and paddock shelters
  • Shed floors
  • Car port flooring
  • Bike tracks
  • Pathways
  • Drains and creek crossings
  • Outdoor areas

Our revolutionary products prevent mud, erosion, corrugations and pot holes whilst promoting ground stabilisation. A driveway grid not only keeps the surface level, but also reduces gravel wastage as it stops it from spreading and mixing with surrounding dirt.

Contact us to learn more about our driveway and mining grid systems

Whether you are looking for a way to ensure easy access to a mine site in outback Australia or simply want to reduce mud and prolong the life of your gravel driveway on the farm, Diamond Grid delivers the ultimate solution.

No matter the application, our Australian-owned geogrid products deliver superior traction, durability and erosion resistance – at very affordable prices. For more information regarding our quality products, please get in touch today on 0487 747 516. We are more than happy to provide you with advice and assistance!