Australia’s Leading Surface Stabilisation Systems

Don’t let wet weather or road deterioration cause access issues on your property, construction site or mine site. At Diamond Grid, we have created revolutionary ground stabilisation systems that are suited to a broad range of applications.

From mine access roads to paths that experience a high volume of traffic, our plastic mesh grid reduces erosion, prevents mud and eliminates the formation of pot holes and corrugations – even in areas where high rainfall is a common problem.

Our ground stabilisation mesh is suited to a wide range of applications

To date, our plastic grids have been used to improve surface stability for a wide range of different applications.

Ideally suited to road surface stabilisation, our products have been used for private driveways, mine site access roads and a variety of other areas where vehicle access is required. Used in conjunction with gravel, this mesh can withstand more than 1,000 tonnes per m2 (heavy duty product) and is UV stabilised to ensure it withstands even the harshest Australian conditions.

Once laid, gravel is spread across the pavers, allowing it to sit within the mesh itself. This ensures gravel stays put, preventing erosion. The best bit? Even repeated use and high rainfall is unable to shift the road stabilisation system, ensuring a high-traction, mud-free surface all year round.

Alongside the stabilisation of road surfaces, our grid systems are also suited to equestrian purposes – such as stables, day yards, arenas and other high-use areas where horses would otherwise turn gravel and sand to mud in no time.

Searching for a company that stocks ground stabilisation systems in Australia?

As the leading supplier of earth stabilisation mesh in Australia, Diamond Grid can provide a surface stabilisation system to suit your specific requirements.

Easy to install, our products are a cost-effective option to alternative surface seals such as asphalt or concrete. For more information, get in touch with our friendly team today on 0487 747 516.