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By September 17, 2015Uncategorised

The Problem

Loadex have anywhere up to 30 Excavators, Graders, Rollers and other heavy machinery in their hire yard at any one time, weighing up to 50 tonne. They required a surface that would stop the machines ripping the ground up and creating an uneven, muddy surface.

The Solution

  • The area was levelled and compacted
  • Diamond Grids were laid over the area
  • Road Base was spread into the grids with a bobcat
  • Road base was then compacted with a vibrating plate
  • A 10mm road base surface was laid over the tip of the grids for the Excavators to screw on.

“After initially purchasing Diamond Grid to solve a problem with a single muddy pathway, we have since kept diamond grid in our stores to deal with any paths or road way issues that arise. Diamond grid has become a critical part of all our infrastructure projects”.


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