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CONCRETE CARPARK – Industrial Yard, Innisfail QLD

By March 11, 2015Uncategorised

The carpark and driveway area near the Innisfail Hardware store was a bitumen surface that was cracking and being ripped up from tyres screwing on the surface.

The bitumen was ripped up and Diamond Grid laid in the main problem area, the Grids were then filled with concrete and have held up extremely well over the last 6 months, there are now plans to do the rest of the carpark and driveway.

Install Overview
1. The cracked and damaged bitumen was excavated to a depth of 40mm
2. The Diamond Grid (which is 40mm deep) was then laid in the area that was excavated
3. Concrete with 10mm agregate mix poured into the grids
4. Raked, screeded and broom finished