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HORSE STABLES – Murwillumbah, Riding for the Disabled (RDA)

By March 13, 2015Uncategorised

The Murwillumbah RDA had some issues with their horse stables becoming very swampy from some underground springs, creating very muddy horse stables. With the RDA being a charity, they were looking for a cost effective solution to stable flooring.

Diamond Grids were installed by the RDA volunteers with great success.

Install Overview
1. Geo Fabric was laid over the muddy surface.
2. 100mm of sand was then spread over the fabric and levelled.
3. Diamond Grids laid.
4. Sand filled into grids and also an extra 75mm over the top of the grids for the horses to stand and lay on.

*Alternatively the grids can be filled with 7-10mm gravel and then have bedding of choice laid over the top.