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Ideal where reinforcement is needed on surfaces exposed to heavy loads and constant use.


Ideal where reinforcement is needed on surfaces exposed to heavy loads and constant use.


Diamond Grid recently rescued an aircraft bogged down in a remote village in PNG – find out how.


Toughen your rural terrain by eliminating muddy areas permanently on your property.


Toughen your rural terrain by eliminating muddy areas permanently on your property.


Stabilise your landscaping by reinforcing turfed areas, driveways, drains and tree lines.


Stabilise your landscaping by reinforcing turfed areas, driveways, drains and tree lines.


For a solid surface anywhere

Find out how Diamond Grid can toughen YOUR terrain.



Australia’s Toughest Grid System

Diamond Grid has been engineered as a cost effective solution for erosion control, soil and turf stabilisation, with a unique design that is up to 100% permeable. Used extensively for all types of driveways, hard stands and shed flooring, Diamond Grid is proven to withstand heavy loads under constant use in mining, agriculture and commercial construction. Diamond Grid is also an alternative to traditional concreting, with a comparable load bearing capacity at 60% less cost.


Toughen your rural terrain by eliminating muddy areas on your property. Great for driveways, feed & water troughs, stable floors, muddy areas, arenas, shed floors and day yards.



Ideal where reinforcement is needed on surfaces exposed to heavy loads and constant use. Fantastic for hardstands, drains, haul roads, camp paths, carparks, air strips and bitumen reinforcements.



Stabilise your landscaping by reinforcing turfed areas, embankments and tree lines. Applications include pathways, drains, driveways, golf cart tracks and boat ramps.


Improve access with this versatile plastic grid driveway system

As the leading plastic grid flooring system in Australia, Diamond Grid is the ideal solution to situations where high traffic and/or wet weather would otherwise lead to the deterioration of the natural earth surface.

Used throughout leading mine sites across Australasia, this innovative product is manufactured using 100% recycled polypropylene and is UV stabilised to improve longevity – even in the toughest conditions. With a load bearing capacity of more than 1,000 tonnes per m2, you can rest assured these plastic grids will handle heavy machinery and constant use.

This plastic driveway grid system is suited to a wide variety of applications – it’s not just for driveways! Our plastic grids help to prevent the development of muddy and unstable areas, soil erosion, potholes and corrugations, whilst also assisting with gravel retention and drainage.

If you are searching for a plastic driveway grid, price certainly plays a part. The majority of our clients find that this plastic mesh driveway system is very cost-effective, as it reduces the need to constantly replace gravel and also ensures onsite productivity isn’t affected by an unstable surface.

Say goodbye to mud, potholes and corrugations with our plastic paving grids

Whether you are preparing the site for winter down south, or are looking for ways to cope with the north’s high summer rainfall, our plastic mesh driveways are the ideal way to ensure access is possible. From shed and stable floors, to ground stabilisation and erosion control, this innovative system ensures that you always have a useable surface on which to work.

If you are interested in purchasing these versatile plastic paving grids, call today for the price. We are always happy to answer your questions and queries – call our Australian office today on+61 7 3209 9665.

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900mm x 560mm x 40mm


Our classic grid size is suitable for most rural and domestic applications. Great for smaller surface areas that require stabilisation and reinforcement.


1000mm x 1000mm x 40mm


The largest grid in our range, Diamond Grid Heavy Duty (HD) is specifically targeted at civil and mining applications.




I picked up my Diamond Grid order last week and I want to comment that compared with another similiar product I have used, Diamond Grid are miles ahead. They are sturdy and even when I stamped really hard a number of times on the edge of the grid at an angle, it didn't break. The other brand just shattered where the horses trod on it and there are bits of it all through the two stables I did.

Cassie Mackender, Kenda Park

Trough pads have always been an expensive and timely exercise and we have been looking around for a cost effective and simple solution for some time. We ordered some pallets of Diamond Grid, cleared the trough pads, put down a gravel base and filled the grids with gravel. The Diamond Grids are an easy solution and they saved us over $300 per trough compared to cementing the pads. If we ever need to move a trough, we can pull the grids up and move them to the next site. We plan on installing the grids in gateways and can see the potential for using them in cattle yards that are prone to mud.

Wayne Flintham, Research Station Manager, CSIRO Animal, Food and Health Sciences

Diamond Grid is fantastic, brilliant...we can't believe how well they took to a completely unprepared area of churned up, bumpy, severely poached mud! It was so quick and easy to turn a patch of mud that would suck your gumboots off into a little 'deck' where I could play farrier. And it provides an unbelievably great base for viewing and appraising the horses hooves. In the paddock, their hooves are always sunk into the turf or covered in mud, etc., so standing the horses up on my little Diamond Grid deck is perfect as you can see all the hoof.

Margaret Hansen, QLD

After some very heavy rain a week or so ago, the laneways and corals were muddy quagmires – but the surface with the Diamond Grid remains solid and firm as ever, one tear after the install. The surface has 50 to 80 head of cattle traipsing over it to access a molasses and minerals feed trough every day for two weeks out of four all year round. The untreated coral 70 metres away with similar traffic on it is incomparable.

John Loebstein, Dairy Farmer, Murwillumbah

We have used Diamond Grid in a couple of situations on the north coast railway line such as to construct steps for access to our rail bridges, we have always had problems with how we do this in a safe and cost effective manner and Diamond Grid works well for this application. The help and after sales service has been incredible, as some of the companies that we deal with just drop you after they have sold you the product, fortunately this is not the case with Ben and his product. I would recommend this product to anyone who has any issues with access roads or unstable areas to fix.

Rodney Shea, Coordinator Civil Assets, Queensland Rail

About 6 weeks ago we laid down Diamond Grid throughout the hospital stables and yards, and filled it with 7mm drainage gravel. The results have been spectacular. The end result of the installation of Diamond Grid throughout our veterinary stabling and yards has been a big improvement in the cleanliness and hygiene of the whole hospital, and a big reduction in the amount of bedding used and the work to keep it clean. There will also be a huge saving in ongoing maintenance, as we will never have to replace the stable floors and yard surfaces again. We are most impressed with the performance of the Diamond Grid.

Darren and Anne Jacobson, Rosehill Farm Veterinary Practice